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8:49pm 12-25-2020
Maria, thinking of you and your sweet Cristopher this holiday season. I am so sorry for all the pain he endured in his short life. You do so much for so many grieving moms....God bless you
7:38am 12-19-2020
Maria, I am so thankful that I have come to know you and your family, especially your angel, Christopher. God meant for us to cross paths but I wish it hadn't been in the way we have. Someday we will all meet in Heaven as friends as family as angels and as God's children. Our children are already gathered there and later we will all gather there too. Merry Christmas sending love from my house to yours.
5:50am 12-24-2019

My love and thoughts are with you and the family as Christmas approaches tomorrow. I pray you have a gentle, peaceful day filled with love and that the wonderful memories you hold in your heart of happier Christmases spent with your beloved Christopher will bring you comfort.

With love,

3:56pm 12-15-2019
loretta patterson
Always remembering Christopher with love .
I know his sweet voice is singing with the Angel's .
Merry Christmas in Heaven Christopher , my special little Angel boy .
3:15pm 12-15-2019
Melanie Dustins mom
Beautiful christmas pages. Merry Christmas Maria.
9:42am 12-17-2018
How beautiful this is.
Sending love and hugs to Chris.
Thinking and praying for you Maria, hoping you have a Merry Christmas
John’s Mom Forever
7:43am 12-17-2018
Donna Ciric
Marry Christmas to this beautiful boy You made beautiful site for him.Wishing you and family Marry Christmas and akk the best.With love Donna Radesmom
10:42am 12-21-2017
Lynne - Charity's mo
Merry Christmas Maria. We remember Christopher and all of our children.
9:11pm 12-19-2017
(((Maria))) Remembering your precious Christopher when we light our candle. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a very peaceful New Year.
Love and Hugs,
Mom to Ken
12:31pm 12-26-2016
cathy parker
Beautiful page , love seeing all the graphics of sweet Christopher. Thank you for keeping all our angels memories alive. Love to you Maria and Christopher.
8:57am 12-26-2016
Norma Jean
Sweet Maria, it is such a privilege to see Christopher in all his beautiful photos that make him come alive. As one poem said, his spirit is always with us and he is alive in our hearts. We hold tight to those memories even when it hurts to think about them. May the Lord touch you today and comfort you. I love you and our children send us gold nuggets of star dust on our achy hearts. Peace and joy in heaven one day.. Norma Jean mom to Marjorie Mae
1:46pm 12-25-2016
Tresly Mayberry
Beautiful pages as always Maria! Merry Christmas to Christopher and all the angels. Prayers Maria to you and your family
11:53am 12-25-2016
Christopher's mommy
My Darling Christopher - It just isn't Christmas without you, but we do our best for the sake of your sister and brother. My heart is with you, always. Merry Christmas in Heaven!
9:52am 12-25-2016
Kathie Carrigan
Happy Christmas Maria and family. A very special Happy Christmas to you Christopher. Your mommy made a beautiful page for you this year. Sending you hugs and love and please send your mom a special sign.
1:12am 12-25-2016
Maria, Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.
Merry Christmas sweet angel Christopher.
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